Welcome to 46 Barfung jarrong ravongla GPU, Sikkim

The word Barfung: in Bhutia language Barfung means Nakema Plants and Jarrong means Rockland. During the mid 18th century, Barfung Jarrong was established.Barfung Jarrong Gram Panchayat Unit is located in Rabong Sub-Divisional in South District in Sikkim.It falls under Ravong Block administrative centre. It is 75km from Gangtok and 26km from Namchi.Barfung Jarrong GPU is located at western side of Ravangla Bazar and have seven wards : 1.Upper Barfung,2.Middle Barfung,3.Anethang,4.Jarrong,5.Bering,6.Upper Deythang,7.Lower Deythang Population:826 Male :3188 Female:2638


The Barfung jarrong has 2173 households comprising population of 6179.it has 3070 male and 3109 female.The community composition shows that there are 1787 ST.399 SC 1417 OBC(C) OBC(S)1790 and General 629.The religious composition depicts Hindu as 75% Buddhist 20% and Chirstains 10%.The number of persons with disbility are 09.The old age pensions beneficiaries are 120 in number and widow pensioners are 20.

socio-economic profile

The average income of the households lies in between Rs 5000-7500/- per month.educationally maxium number of people are below class X.PHSC of jarrong provides health facilities for the people of area .there exists 100% instituational delivery.Due to better and modern amenities like educational institutes.Health centre ,Bussiness complex 8% 10% of the villagers have migrated to Rabong Bazar

geographic features,economic and natural resources and land use pattern

Geographically it comprises Highland,midland and low land areas with mountain and evergreen forests.The entire area is typically agro based with semi bazaar area in a section of golitar ward.The basic occcupation of the villagers are farming.The major crop grown are seasonal vegetables,cerals,gibger and cadamom.Livestock rearing is also widley prevalent for milk and milk product specially at Deythang ward.Broom plantation are also wideley prevalent at jarrong ward.The area comprises Flora and Funna of diffrent varities.The Rabong-Kewzing Road Runs from thr middle of the ward.The people of the area ate agro based.The goverment has established Rural produce marketing centre to faciliate the sale of locally grown vegetables pulses,milk and milk products.The are has abundant of water sources.However its time to channelize the water from diffrent sources to diffrent pockets to catalyse agriculture production.A milk collection centre has been established in the village.Around 86 households supply to the centre ,at Deythang.